After encouragement from several friends and colleagues I have written a little about my very positive journey as a ‘young’ developer.

Always choose the best team ❤

Late 2017 I decided to switch career.
I wanted to fulfill another dream of mine: Becoming a software developer.

Barcelona — Ruby on Rails

So January 2018, at the age of 53, I took off from Sweden towards Barcelona, Spain to join a Ruby on Rails Full Stack education along with 13 men and women from around the world (Literally! We were 13 nationalities from Colombian to Australian and everything in between).

The training was fast-paced, primarily hands on and the people were outstanding.

QuickPay — Angular

Fast forward 6 months and I was contacted by a rather small company…

This is just another fun challenge where I recently refactored a clients SMS-service and ran into quite a few questions. (Oh and by the way an SMS is the text message you normally send on your mobile — Probably without giving the length a second thought 😉)

Some background info on SMS length

A standard SMS can hold up to 160 characters. If you type 161 characters you will technically send 2 SMS but these will be seamlessly joined so the receiver perceives it as one. That sounds simple enough but here is where the fun starts 🙃

It depends……

In the first part I showed you how I moved a web page from an external source into a native modal on my website (you didn’t read it 😳 Head over there immediately Part 1).

Photo by Ian Schneider on Unsplash

Did you read it? Fine, we can then proceed 🤓

This time I will expand the original solution with further manipulation of the HTML and error handling.

After I collected the string of the HTML of the external web page I found that some of the styling was off compared to the rest of the web site.

const originText = await response.text();

contains the…

I thought I would try to share a small solution for a funny problem with you (notice how I share it personally with ‘you’ — If you are here I welcome you and am pleased to be able to help — If you are not here no one will ever notice that I used the term ‘you’. Clever huh ;)

The other day we had to implement new terms in our on-boarding form. The catch was that the terms were hosted on an external website. Our site is built in Angular 11 and this seems like a trivial issue that…

Johan Faerch

Army SOF Operator turned Lead Angular Developer

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