This is just another fun challenge where I recently refactored a clients SMS-service and ran into quite a few questions. (Oh and by the way an SMS is the text message you normally send on your mobile — Probably without giving the length a second thought 😉)

Some background info on SMS length

A standard SMS can hold up to 160 characters. If you type 161 characters you will technically send 2 SMS but these will be seamlessly joined so the receiver perceives it as one. That sounds simple enough but here is where the fun starts 🙃

It depends……

In the first part I showed you how I moved a web page from an external source into a native modal on my website (you didn’t read it 😳 Head over there immediately Part 1).

Photo by Ian Schneider on Unsplash

Did you read it? Fine, we can then proceed 🤓

This time I will expand the original solution with further manipulation of the HTML and error handling.

After I collected the string of the HTML of the external web page I found that some of the styling was off compared to the rest of the web site.

const originText = await response.text();

contains the…

I thought I would try to share a small solution for a funny problem with you (notice how I share it personally with ‘you’ — If you are here I welcome you and am pleased to be able to help — If you are not here no one will ever notice that I used the term ‘you’. Clever huh ;)

The other day we had to implement new terms in our on-boarding form. The catch was that the terms were hosted on an external website. Our site is built in Angular 11 and this seems like a trivial issue that…

Johan Faerch

Army SOF Operator turned Lead Angular Developer

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